About Us

We design some of the highest quality kids’ sports helmets in the UK for cycling, skating and scooting for children of all ages. 

Formerly known as Naranja Minimalista, we decided to change our name for ease of use to Manu & Lalo.

We use next generation technology- poly-carbonate (PC), which renders our helmets 20% lighter than other similarly shaped helmets on the market, which are usually made out of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). This is a very important characteristic of a sports protective helmet, as we don’t want kids to have to carry too much weight on their heads while riding their bike or scooter.

All our helmets are CE EN1078 (European) and CPSC (American) safety certified.

We are innovative in our creations, we are inspired by movement, water and nature. As a response, we wish to inspire children to fully immerse in cycling, skating or scooting while we help them feel safe and cool.

Our minimalist designs have been created by us in our London studio.

Go safe, stay cool!